So, here’s the thing.  In a bout of fomo I signed up for a 260km, 5-day multistage ultra marathon.  In the desert.  In sand.  In 30*C/90*F heat.  In five months.  AAAAAAGH.

Will I never learn?!  I’ve done this once before, in 2015, when I hadn’t run more than a half marathon (and even that was only once, two years previously) and I decided it would be a really good idea to do a 150km/85mile three-day ultra-marathon down the hilly and sandy Cornish coast.  For that one I only gave myself nine weeks to train, three of which were spent not-training in Ibiza … So I have form for this kind of madness.  I think this is next-level insanity though!

At least I have two friends doing it with me (well one friend and one person I met once at a party and thought she was lovely) so we can share it, but I know from doing my last ultra that every single day in the lead-up to it is an experience.  Therefore this is my blog of all that happens between now and the race itself, plus of course the race (if I survive it).

ANY tips, tricks, advice, applications for sectioning under the Mental Health Act are all very welcome, please let me have the benefit of your experience in the comments!  And thanks so much for stopping by!