The One With the Interrunnum

Hello hello!  Remember me?!  I’ve popped back up again after a few weeks where I’ve been focusing on getting BETTER again, it’s been a super focused period.  Sorry about the radio silence but I hope you’ve had a lovely few weeks?

So when I left you last time on that rather spectacular cliff-hanger, I was battling away with blood clots and I wasn’t sure what the next steps would be.  The good news is that, unlike back in the day when my mom had them when I was little, these days they literally give you a pill a day and turn you out into the street with the strict instructions to come back if your heart rate spikes and/or you can’t breathe.  Minor things … I did have to go back on one occasion ’cause breathing was a struggle (I’d given up on my heart rate by then, it was always spiking!).  I’m kind of glad I did because it yielded the most moronic question I’ve ever been asked by anyone ever:  I explained the situation to the GP and without even looking up he said “It sounds like a bit of anxiety to me, have you had anything to be anxious about lately?”.  You know what, about that …!

Anyway, we got past that and since then I’ve been dandy, the blood clots are kind of annoying but they’re not bad at all really and they don’t stop me exercising    IMG_9869    , and I’ve been focusing on getting this navicular healed.  I’ve been so so lucky in that my previous physiology KMF has been replaced with DGP (Dave the Great Physio) which is PHENOMENAL, he’s super careful and super encouraging and he’s made me feel so confident about recovering properly in his care.  Plus he actually knows about sports injuries, it’s bloody great!  I’ve been slowing working up to various things, and now I’m finally kind of back to normal in that I can do strength work and cardio, just not quite everything (i.e. nothing overhead, nothing with impact and nothing with crazy heavy weights … um yeah so most of what I do pahahahah).  The day I first got back into the  weights room was legit the best day ever!  IMG_0162Mostly I’ve been doing alternate days cross-trainer/wattbike in the mornings plus three strength sessions a week, but on top of that I’ve also been back cycling to work every day and walking as much as possible.  In fact I had the most amazing walk up along the Ridgeway near Princes Risborough and it was phenomenal.  It was actually a walked version of the run I was meant to do the week after I was put into cast so it really felt like putting that baby to bed ha!  I am also JUST LOVING being able to walk around London generally, I think I’ve walked way more than I ever have before and it’s been beautiful.  I’ve appreciated literally every step I’ve taken which is such a wonderful place to be.  I’ve also  taken the opportunity to pootle around the country – seeing as I’m not going to Croatia or Jordan like I was meant to be, I have way more freedom financially than usual, so I’ve been busily bothering the rail network and all my friends who live outside London (ha they thought they’d gotten rid of me didn’t they?!) and it’s just been lovely.  I’e been to Cambridge, Brighton and Herne Bay and I’ve got trips lined up to Brighton (again), York, Guildford, Margate and Rye lined up.  Thank God for NetworkRail cards eh?!

IMG_0305I’ve had a little bit of an up and down ride, I can’t do all the physio that they’d set me normally ’cause blood clots, so it’s been slower than usual, but finally – nearly eight weeks after coming out of cast – I am … drum roll please … going to go for a run tomorrow.  A run.  RUN!  The closest I’ve come to date is tip-tapping down the stairs to the tube (let’s face it, who walks down the stairs to the tube?  You’d get lynched by a furious mob before you got to the bottom if you tried to play that game at rush-hour without an obvious reason) so I am SUPER excited.  And it’s my birthday tomorrow!  So I am literally the most excited person ever right now pahaha.  I’ll update y’all when it’s done, but it probably won’t be til Sunday night because I’m heading to Brighton for the weekend for my birthday (kind of – I actually don’t celebrate it but it happens to coincide with celebrations for three other friends for different things so we’re going to do a joint celebration down there for everything).  I can’t wait, it’s all about the #outdoorlife – we’re picking our own fruit and vegetables, partaking in a chilli eating contest, eating at my favourite veggie/organic restaurant, watching the Brighton Triathlon and going on a walk over the Downs.  What is not to like about that?!

Anyway I’ll stop wittering on but it’s nice to be back and I hope you’re all doing fabulously!


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