The one where I first heard about Wadi Rum

So, after training today, I had breakfast with my trainer George.  He mentioned that there was an ultra that his friend Flora had persuaded him to sign up to, and he thought I might be interested … and then he totes casually was like “Yeah it’s an ultra in Wadi Rum in October, it’s five days … 260km … bit like the Marathon des Sables but in Jordan”.  Now, this is exactly the sort of thing he comes out with for himself on a regular basisbut he doesn’t often suggest that I should also get involved, because even he isn’t that crazy.  So first I was like “Me?  I should do it?” and he said, perfectly straight-faced “Yeah absolutely.  I think it would be a good little thing for you to aim for”.  Yup.  A good little thing.  260km.  In a desert.  A good little thing to aim for

Once I stopped laughing though, I looked at the website and … there was something in me that just pulled towards it.  You know you get those moments where you see a race and it’s almost a visceral thing, you’re like “I would love to do that …” and you just know you’re going to have to?  Well I had one of those moments.  In retrospect, this was 99% fuelled by FOMO, but still … the thought of Flora and George coming back and telling me all about it and me sitting there knowing I could have done it too was too horrific to contemplate.  So … I’ve emailed the race director and asked about it and now I’m just waiting to hear back.  I’m 50/50 on whether he comes back and says yes or no … Oh god!!!!!


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