the one where I signed up

I’ve heard back from the race organiser and there were still places and I could sign up right away for the measly deposit sum of £300!  It just seemed rude not to … so with a flash of plastic, I’m in.

The panic has set in but so has the excitement … I literally don’t even know where to start.  I’m veering between being panic-stricken (especially since Flora and George are much better runners than I am) and being sooooo excited, since OMG IT’S WADI RUM!  And I’m gonna be running it!!!!

I can’t wait to start training, there’s the small problem of the fact that I’m off all impact sports at the moment (minor detail surely) but if nothing else there’s planning to be done woop woop!  This has to be short because my mind is all over the place haha!


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