The One Where I Ran the Westminster Mile

Hello again, sorry about the over-blogging!  I so rarely get a chance to sit down and blog at the moment that I’m getting in there while I can.  What’s everyone up to today?  It’s a public holiday here in London, so I’ve been out for a run (more on that in a separate post), been to the gym and failed to complete my work-out due to the enormous number of people there, been home for breakfast (mmmm food), and now I’m sitting on the back massager while I squeeze this post in before I head out to lunch with friends.  It’s pretty much the perfect day!  I’ll go back to the gym after lunch to do the strength part of my workout, because I’ve really struggled with getting my strength training workouts in this month (partly because of work, partly because of risk of injury through my left and right sides being out of alignment) and I have a resolution that for June I won’t miss a single strength workout.  Since my June programme starts today, that means heading back into the gym later!

This post is generally going to be pretty short and sweet, just like the race I did yesterday.  I have done the Westminster Mile ever since it’s first year in (I think) 2013 – it’s a London 2012 legacy event and it’s UHMAZING.  It’s a mile, so it’s the most inclusive event you could ever do – elites do it, because there is prize money, all the way down to like 5 or 6 year olds doing their very first ever event.  There are para-athlete waves and family waves, and it’s all just lovely.  The organisation is the best of any race I’ve ever done, the atmosphere is phenomenal, and the course starts on the Mall, goes around the perimeter of St James’s Park, and ends literally right outside Buckingham Palace.  The medal is excellent and the goody bag is also completely winning and, importantly, always has sweets in it.  There is literally nothing not to like about this event!

I wasn’t going for a good time yesterday (just as well, since I didn’t get one) but just to really enjoy the race experience.  I didn’t race at all last year apart from this same event, so I wanted to soak up the atmosphere and be happy about the fact I was running at all.  I know I keep banging on like a broken record (does a broken record bang?!) but honestly, like, I’ve done that race at least five times and every year it’s a bit different, like, sometimes I’m rushing to fit it in before I zip off somewhere else, sometimes I’m thinking it’s kind of a schlep to get up to town for just a few minutes of running, sometimes I’m loving it, sometimes I’m feeling competitive and like I’m going to smash it.  But this was the first year I have ever appreciated actually being able to do it – it’s something I have completely taken for granted before, walking and running being two of those things which I have always just … you know … done**.   It was an amazing atmosphere this year as usual and the weather was fantastic which also helped – there have been years when I’ve literally been blue with cold by the time it starts, so this was a lovely change!

That’s all I have to say about that really – but if you ever have the chance to do this event, I’d 100% recommend it.  It’s less than a tenner and its really really good fun … plus the goody bag and medal are, as noted, optimal!  It’s not exactly my target distance right now but it was super-fun and I’m so glad I did it.


**I am half grateful for feeling so grateful and half wondering when this is all going to wear off because I am a fucking annoying human being right now pahahahah.  I will shut up about this soon

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